• Radio's 'Behind The Wheel' Motorcycle Expert Steve McDowall agrees the Reevu helmet "brings a new level of safety to riders"
  • A new dawn has arrived in helmet development with the Reevu helmet.



Reevu was established in 1999, following 7 years of research and development into the rear view system.

For the past two years Reevu’s rear view technology has taken the industry by storm – creating a new benchmark in preventative safety on roads, in five of the continents around the world.

From its early conception and vision to the present day, the company’s mission remains consistent:

‘Improve the safety of sports and recreational enthusiasts around the world by applying rear vision technology to help prevent accidents.’

A first in road safety and a celebration of ingenuity.


A company with a passion for road safety

Reevu helmets were conceived to address a failing at the very heart of helmet design and operation - to overcome the sensory deprivation from loss of peripheral vision and hearing.

Historically, helmets have had 'clip on' mirrors and other such 'external' devices or accessories, all with inherent weaknesses and with limited contribution to road safety. Never before had serious consideration been given to integrating a rear-vision system into the shell of a helmet.

While the overall aim was to allow the wearer to achieve the same road awareness provided by a car rear view mirror, the challenge was to achieve this design within the limited space of the housing of a helmet.

After many years of development and testing Reevu now provides the world's only integrated rear view system without the use of any electronic systems, cameras or screens.

It uses an ingenious reflective polycarbonate device that 'bends' the view of the road behind and presents a clear image to the wearer.

The patented multiple mirror system that is fitted within every Reevu helmet is a unique achievement of creative thinking and technical excellence. The mirror system is manufactured from a reflective polycarbonate material rather than glass. Unlike glass, this material is almost impossible to break and is lighter, providing additional safety and comfort to the wearer.

Put simply, this system effectively ‘bends’ the light around the shape of the head – all within the moulding of the helmet – to provide a clear view of the road behind.

Early prototypes were met with absolute astonishment. It is so stunningly apparent from the first moment a Reevu helmet is worn that it will really make a huge difference to the safety of the wearer on our roads.

With rear view motorcycle helmets now in full production, this unique technology is transforming the comfort and safety of those who wear Reevu helmets.