• Radio's 'Behind The Wheel' Motorcycle Expert Steve McDowall agrees the Reevu helmet "brings a new level of safety to riders"
  • A new dawn has arrived in helmet development with the Reevu helmet.


  • How does the rear view system work?

    The system uses a patented design that allows the wearer to achieve the same awareness given by a rear view mirror in a motor car. For more information see the Company page.

  • Where can I buy a Reevu helmet?

    For your nearest stockist go to the ‘Search’ page on this website and simply enter in your postcode.

  • What fit system does a Reevu helmet use?

    All helmets in the Reevu range have excellent fit systems that provide superb standards of safety and comfort.

  • What about the glare from vehicles coming from behind?

    The helmet has a series of reflective surfaces that limit the intensity of light hitting the front reflective surface. This limits the intensity of reflected light significantly. Even a slight turn of the head can ensure the reflective light path is stopped.

  • What about Pillion passengers blocking the view

    Although pillion passengers sit directly behind the rider, in most instances they position their helmet to the side allowing them to see the road ahead rather than into the back of the front rider's helmet. Therefore, the pillion passenger does not tend to interfere with the rear view of the front rider.

  • Is the Reevu helmet range well ventilated?

    Reevu helmets use the cavity produced by its rear view system to create a chimney effect that pulls cool air through and over the top of the wearer's head

  • What kind of material have you used to make the reflective tunnel in the helmet?

    We use a polycarbonate material that has highly reflective properties just like glass. However, unlike glass this polycarbonate material is almost unbreakable and much lighter too.

  • I understand how the Reevu helmet can help me avoid an accident but will it still protect me if I crash?

    The Reevu Motorcycle helmet design has been tested to destruction, and conforms to international impact standards.

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