• Radio's 'Behind The Wheel' Motorcycle Expert Steve McDowall agrees the Reevu helmet "brings a new level of safety to riders"
  • A new dawn has arrived in helmet development with the Reevu helmet.


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A new dawn has arrived in helmet development with the Reevu motorsports helmet. Reevu have created the world’s first patented rear-view helmet range that gives the wearer that all round vision “at a glance.” Reevu believes it has made a helmet that will help prevent accidents because “prevention is better than cure”.

Maximum protection and safety are a Reevu helmet’s main requirements; shields are projected and manufactured with extremely evolved materials. ‘Advance Performance Composite (APC)’ is an exclusive technology to Reevu. Allowing complex shapes with tri composite material, capable of spreading impact power on the complete helmet surface. It grants an excellent degree of impact resistance.


Reevu helmets are manufactured with 2 internal liners, 1 crumple zone absorption part, and external tri composite carbon shell. For the different sizes: the inner padding has a different thickness for all the sizes, which can be adjusted with accessory parts to add the bespoke fit and to add comfort and better impact properties.


Reevu helmets are AS/NZ1698 compliant and legal for both road and track usage. The MSX1 has surpassed many other standards across the world including Europe and the USA. The helmet is submitted to flexibility and bump resistance tests, simulating different impacts at different speeds. Power and length of the impact are measured, even at -20° and +50°, or in wet conditions and after extended UV ray exposure.


Each, Reevu helmet manufactured is hand assembled with perfectly integrated spare parts and special padding. This offers the wearer substantial softness for high quality comfort. In order to prevent dampness inside the helmet, a material covering is used that is able to absorb and expel perspiration. The fabric gives a pleasurable feeling, and is easily replaced and washable.


Effective internal ventilation is fundamental for comfort and safety. Riding in maximum comfort and feeling relaxed allows the wearer to give all the attention to the street. Reevu helmets are equipped with a ventilation system projected and tested; air will come in across front positioned slots, above and below the visor, moves along many pipes and holes, and comes out across rear slots, positioned near the rear glass. Rider's head is kept fresh and dry even in extreme weather conditions.


A major factor in the design of the helmet is to deliver a low noise solution to the many throbbing eardrums of motorbike helmet wearers. The unique design through wind tunnel testing has now prevailed to achieve that goal.


  • Ultra light shield, in composite materials, manufactured with evolved APC technology, allowing complex shape tri composite shells, capable of spreading impact load across the helmet surface. The shell is composed of carbon fibreglass, Kevlar and synthetic hi-tenacity advanced fibre, tied up from high-lengthening vinylester.

  • Internal shells are made in dual density EPS, very light with a high coefficient bump absorption, creating a structure with different density in order to have more impact distribution.

  • Polycarbonate ventilation slots, that together with the channelling on the inside shell, allow the air flow inside the helmet.

  • Polycarbonate injected visor with high optical quality and easy refit.

  • Completely removable and washable lining, for perfect comfort and cleanliness.


APC is the high performance technology used for external shields. APC is Advanced Performance Composite, with two main characteristics:

Strengthened layer composition

One of the peculiarities of APC is the shaping process. Generally a fibre helmet obtains its stability thanks to the polycarbonate material, soaked with combined material (as fibreglass) and heat hardened. The stability of the helmets depends on the quality of the materials and on the mutual affinity of them. APC allows to create an organic fibre structure, which is three dimensional formed, creating a lighter shield with more stability, containing superfluous material accumulation and no rejection during the shaping process.

Layer material

APC shield is composed by polycarbonate material, warmth hardened fibreglass layer and other organic fibres. Different light organic fibres are applied in appropriate positions, following the characteristics and design of the shell. An APC helmet has more lightness and flexibility, and the same stability.


Reevu helmet is manufactured with the most developed technology and is hand made assembled. All the production units are submitted to severe quality control. The helmets are submitted to a computerized test of bump absorption and material density. Obviously all the helmets are also visually checked, in order to grant a top quality level of painting and global quality. REEVU helmets are manufactured at factories, with ISO 9001/2000 certification (cert. SQ02923).

how it works

  • 1 Just like a car rear view mirror, allowing you to comfortably monitor what’s behind you.
  • 2 No electronic systems, cameras or screens. It uses an ingenious reflective polycarbonate device that 'bends' the view of the road behind and presents a clear image to the wearer.
  • 3 The rider simply peers into the reflective system positioned above the helmet visor.

No more shaky steering when you are looking over your shoulder and no loss of vision of the road ahead when you are looking behind you.

The views a rider will see:

  • Residential Street Vie

    Residential Street View

  • Main Road View

    Main Road View

  • Busy City Road View

    Busy City Road View


Designed for the sports and leisure enthusiast, a Reevu helmet can be used by Motorbike and Go Kart riders alike.

Years of development plus leading edge Italian design have created a helmet that not only looks great but also has amazing aerodynamics whilst meeting and exceeding the most rigorous safety and construction standards.

fully adjustable optical part

To fit the optic part for that rear view image:

  1. Fit the helmet to the head snugly, ensuring no sideways movement.

  2. For the best results, try the helmet on outside on a walkway with traffic coming from behind. (Do not step out into traffic).

  3. If the road behind is not clearly seen, take the movable front optic and rotate it forward and back using slight pressure between finger and thumb until full view is given.

    rotating the optic
  4. After this initial adjustment a full view should be available.

  5. If a more sophisticated adjustment is needed, then by inserting the special Reevu driver into the hexagon socket located just above the mirror inside the helmet. The mirror system can be adjusted into and out from the helmet. (Do not over adjust this optic past its stops).

    extending the optic retracing the optic
  6. A re-adjustment will be needed if the optic is retracted or extended for that extraordinary fit.

Finally, the optic system in this helmet is to give the wearer a view of the road directly behind by using peripheral vision, the same way that we use the central mirror in other vehicles.